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Festejar'e - St Heliers

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Pizza + Snacks Combo

100 Salgados mix combo + 5 Pizzas Large (Frango c/ Catupiry, Calabresa acebolada, Marguerita BR, 4 Queijos) + 4 Refrigerantes 1.5l (Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Coke Zero)

Snack mix combo + 5 Pizzas Large + 4x 1.5L drink


Pizzas + Salgados - (serves approx. 30 people)

Individual flavours

Snack Boxes

Chicken Delights

Coxinha de frango

Coxinha is "the" traditional finger food, crunchy stuffed and well seasoned creamy chicken breast


25 items

Corn and Cheese

Bolinha de Milho

For the vegetarian and corn lovers, it is a cheesy filling with oregano herbs and corn


25 items

Cheese Balls

Bolinha de Queijo

Oh the most wanted, cheesy filling with oregano herbs, simple and tasteful


25 items

Beef Mince Croquette

Croquete de carne

This is for the meat lovers, you should try it!


25 items

Ham and Cheese

Presunto e queijo

A good mix of classic tastes, filled with herbs, ham & cheese


25 items

Mini Churros

Tasty homemade Doce de Leite Caramel coated in cinnamon sugar


25 items

Mix Combos

You can mix flavours as your wish

100 combo


100 items

150 combo


150 items

200 combo


200 items

250 combo


250 items

300 combo


300 items

400 combo


400 items

Sweets & Desserts

Doces & Sobremesas


a Brazilian chocolate truffle garnished with sprinkles.



also known as Brazilian little kiss, little sweet covered with coconut



1.5L drink


Guarana Antartica can





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59 Long Drive, St Heliers, Auckland 1071, New Zealand